Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Your Landlord Lowered the Rent. Now What?

You have convinced your landlord to lower the rent for the next nine months. He was quite generous, a 50% discount, and he's not even requiring you to payback the difference. Now what do you do?

You need to turn things around fast--its not likely your landlord will be as accommodating if you can't pay the full lease amount in month ten. You need to focus on two areas: cutting expenses and increasing revenue. You need an action plan and you need to put it into place ASAP. Here are some suggestions:

Cut/eliminate all expenses that do not affect the quality of your product or service
Work more hours, cut your employees' hours
Ask your suppliers for discounts
Market to your current customers more often and ask them for referrals (This assumes you have a database of current customer--IF YOU DON'T, Start One NOW!!!!!!)
Budget your savings on the rent for more marketing---Marketing that is measurable and has an immediate impact and yields a positive return on investment
Join a networking group that shares leads
Are you marketing online? Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,...Do it! It's free and a great way to target your messages
Do you have any ideas I can post? Please contribute!

How to write a Rent Relief Letter to your Landlord

We have written to dozens of landlords in the past nine months and have created a 60 minute workshop to help others. Join us July 21 and we will give you the tools to requested a rent reduction from your landlord. This workshop is for business owners who are suffering in today's economy. Sign-up at

Monday, July 13, 2009

Write a Letter to Your Ladlord to Lower your Rent

You can just go to you landlord and ask him to lower your rent, but if that is your strategy, you have already lost. You need to be very prepared and ready to face your landlords questions and legitimate concerns....How much savings are you requesting? How long? What will you do with the savings? How can I be sure you won't be in the same position in 9 months? Will you pay it back? Will you forgo your options to renew? Do you want a new lease?

When we approach landlords on behalf of hard working entrepreneurs, we make sure we are prepared. You can see actual rent relief packages, lease modification requests, and landlord letters that we have used to save our clients thousands of dollars at and

Monday, May 4, 2009

Creating a Rent Reduction Letter for your Landlord

We are holding a 90 minute workshop on May 19th for small business owners. They will be exposed to lease negotiation techniques and a how-to, hands-on seminar on writing a Rent Reduction Letter for your landlord. Pre-registration is required. Contact us today

Monday, March 16, 2009

Your Landlord Will Help:
The Essential Guide to Lowering Your Rent & Saving your Business

ATTN: Business Owners!
The economy is acting in ways that many of us have never experienced before. Business is way down and many large, well established companies are failing. It is a pretty safe bet that your business is down too.

Have you been struggling to pay the rent?

Do you think it is possible to change the terms of your lease?

Would a lower monthly payment help SAVE YOUR BUSINESS?

Obtaining rent relief and the modification of your lease is possible. During these tough times good commercial tenants are gold, and every landlord fears another empty space. However, you must be prepared and organized before you present your plan to the landlord. As Business Brokers, we negotiate and re-negotiate a leases every time we close a transaction--it's just part of the job.

The Key to Receiving Rent Relief

Just as you initially had to apply for your lease, you must apply to your landlord for rent relief. This "Application" document is the KEY to lowering your rent.
Who am I? My name is Pablo Fonseca & I have been the principal business broker at Spectrum Business Advisors for the past three years. You can visit my main website at you call also call me directly at 951-235-4078.
I should be spending a majority of my time selling businesses, but as you can imagine this is no easy task in today's environment. In fact, right now my plate is full re-negotiating leases and preparing rent relief applications for my clients. The site I use to promote full service representation is I have put all of this experience and many of the exact "Rent Relief Applications" in this manual "Your Landlord Will help: The Essential Guide to Lowering Your Rent & Saving Your Business".

  Don't approach your landlord until your Rent Relief document is completed!

We understand that not all businesses need to hire us for full-representation. In fact, many of you already have a developed relationship with your landlords. But, DO NOT approach your landlord without being prepared! You must have a plan to get the most "bang for your buck".

Remember, the person who is best PREPARED "wins" the negotiation!

I have taken my success writing rent relief "Applications" & negotiating with landlords on behalf of dozens of small business, and created
Your Landlord Will Help: The Essential Guide to Lowering Your Rent & Saving Your Business

Take advantage of our Proven & Successful Turn-Key Solution for your Rent Relief Application

This guide is a "paint-by-the-numbers" approach to creating your

What documentation you must include
How to develop a positive and cooperative arguments to achieve a win-win solution
It contains several completed "Rent Relief Applications" I have used to successfully negotiate rent relief saving my clients THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS
It also contains several rent relief cover letters which are literally ready for you to plug in your business information and send out to your landlord

You don't have to re-invent the wheel, our approach has been proven to be very effective

Zero Risk, Iron-clad Guarantee
My reputation is on the line. I expect to go back to selling businesses as soon as this economy turns. Therefore, I need you to be successful! In fact, if you are in California I would hope that you turn to me when the time is right to sell your business.  

Use my system to create your Rent Relief Application & send me your completed application BEFORE your landlord gets it. I'll give you an honest assessment & if you don't feel it gave you an edge in negotiating your Rent Relief I will refund your purchase price, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Act now! The longer you wait to take action, the worse things could get.

I have sold several of these manuals for $250. And this price is well worth it. But, I really want this information to be more accessible & I want to grow my reputation as a small business advisor and Business Broker. For a very limited time I am making "Your Landlord Will Help" available for only $100. There are no shipping charges, and the manual will be delivered to your email.

$100 gets you the experience and exact documents I have used to help dozens of clients re-negotiate their leases and help SAVE THEIR BUSINESSES.
Spectrum Business Advisors 1945-B Chicago Ave. Riverside, CA 92507  888-414-2905

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When is the best time to request rent relief?

When is the best time to request rent relief from your landlord?

The best time to request rent relief is NOW! If your business is fighting to stay alive, get a plan to your landlord ASAP, before you pay your rent in March.

You can write you own Rent Relief Letter--Save Thousands of dollars and SAVE YOUR BUSINESS!

If you have a relationship with your landlord, but are not sure about writing a rent relief letter, get in contact with me and I will be able to steer you in the right direction. It is possible to lower your rent to save your business!

You can get samples of rent relief letters at

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Re-Negotiate Your Lease & Save Your Business

Cash Strapped Business Owners Negotiate Improved Lease Terms with Landlords

Riverside, CA – January 28, 2009 - According to Pablo Fonseca, landlords in the Inland Empire understand the current business environment their tenants face and they are ready to help share the economic burden knowing that a fraction of some rent is better then no rent at all.

Mr. Fonseca, a principle at Spectrum Business Advisors and, believes that landlords in today’s economic environment are more then willing to grant rent relief especially if a tenant takes prompt action and keeps the following actions in mind:

  1. Just as you had to apply for your lease initially, you will need to “apply” for rent relief. This “application” will clearly explain your situation and a well thought-out plan for executing your turnaround.

  2. Approach your landlord with a complete plan ASAP. The earlier you involve him/her, the more seriously he/she will take your commitment to succeed.

  3. Involve a professional. A very clear signal to your landlord that you are serious about surviving (an not leaving) is involving another party to help orchestrate your lease modification.

The web site, helps guide entrepreneurs through the rent relief process. A well thought out plan, and the desire to weather this rough economy and emerge as a stronger business are key components to gaining favor with your landlord. Ultimately landlords want tenants that are in business for the long term and with the right approach they are willing to temporarily lower or even forgive rent.

Mr. Fonseca concluded by stating that, “During these tough times no one wants to lose a customer, especially one paying thousands of dollars a month. You just have to be prepared, sincere, and well organized before you present your plan to the landlord.”

Pablo Fonseca has been dealing with leases and landlords for over eight years. As a business broker with Spectrum Business Advisors, he negotiates and re-drafts leases with just about every closed sale. You can reach him at 951-235-4078 or through the web site at